Svitlana Merlet Tonkonog

Interpreter and translator in French, English, Russian and Ukrainian

My professional experience

Throughout my experience in providing interpretation and translation services I have managed to obtain the trust of many companies and individuals both in France and abroad.

Some of my main projects are:

Period Client Country Project Languages
September 2012 Top Model po-russki France simultaneous interpretation for the reality show jury English, French, Russian
July 2012 Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine France escort interpretation for a group of Ukrainians during negotiations with French colleagues Ukrainian, Russian, French
July 2012 SYSTRA France whispered interpretation during a software presentation for SYSTRA Ukrainian clients French, Ukrainian, Russian
July 2012 Art Trading Group France liaison interpretation during negotiations English, Russian
May 2012 Alter Way France technical translation of Wamp Server website from French to Russian
May 2012 Individual France liaison interpretation during a wedding ceremony at Town Hall of Paris (2nd district) French, Russian
March 2012 Mega-Rosttorg France escort interpretation for a Russian client during the EuroPain exhibition Russian, French
September 2011 and February 2012 Nova Line France escort interpretation for a Belarussian client during TexWorld and Première Vision exhibitions Russian, French, English
June 2011 ASIATIS France technical translation of presse file from French to Ukrainian
June 2011 Marriage Agency Ukraine liaison interpretation for a Swiss client of the agency French, Russian, Ukrainian
June 2011 Individual Montenegro escort interpretation for a tourist during excursions French, Russian
from May 2008 to July 2011 Worldwide Clinical Trials Ukraine technical translation of medical, pharmaceutical and administrative documentations Ukrainian, Russian, English
from September to April 2007 Professional By Fama dealer Ukraine technical translation and liaison interpretation in the fields of beauty and fashion Ukrainian, Russian, English

My qualifications

Ever since I was little I have always been interested in foreign languages, that is why I pursued my higher education in this field.

My diplomas: